Equity Markets in Action: The Fundamentals of Liquidity, Market Structure & Trading


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Reading all about market structure, trade clearance and settlement, and other foundational elements of today?s markets gives exactly the in-depth knowledge?on electronic trading, the role of market makers, the impact of economic forces, and other behind-the-scenes aspects of market architecture?that is essential if one is to operate successfully in today?s highly dynamic trading environment.
Equity Markets in Action is a comprehensive and thoroughly up-to-date course on how markets work, what really drives the movements of the market, and the nuances of trading. Written by two of today?s most globally recognized and respected market authorities, this hands-on exploration of the modern trading environment examines:
How exchanges function as market centers, and how their efficiency?or lack thereof?drives a market?s quality and value
Architecture of different markets, with particular focus on U.S. and European market centers
Post-trade clearing and settlement, a vital link in the value chain of a securities market
Because the most valuable market lessons occur in the heat of the trading moment, the book?s accompanying CD-ROM provides real-life trading sessions to help traders hone their knowledge and decision-making skills. Simulations provide hands-on practice in making split-second tactical trading decisions.
Equity Markets in Action is a detailed look at the foundations of today?s markets, and will provide all traders?whether professional or independent?with new insights and answers into the dynamics of the marketplace.