Overcoming 7 Deadly Sins of Trading


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As traders we all do things that keep us from optimal profitability. Underlying these actions are certain emotional attitudes that cause obstructive behavior. At the time we act, we believe we are acting in our own best interests, and yet we are not. Later we may decide we’ll never do that again. And yet we do. We do it again and again, and it usually doesn’t serve us.
This book identifies seven dispositions that impede trading profitability. It’s not enough to identify the behaviors and proclivities that are interfering with your best trading results. You need to change them.
The good news is that you can correct the attitudes and actions that are getting in your way. Overcoming 7 Deadly Sins of Trading will help you identify your own unsound practices and the beliefs and feelings that motivate them. You will then be guided in a course of action that will shift your innate impulses to those that will engender effective trading behavior.
You are not alone. Most traders occasionally sabotage their best results. In this book you will be able to experience—and learn from—the mistakes of other traders. This book can be a boot camp for your trading mind. I invite you to develop a powerful set of new trading inclinations, behaviors, and results