Playing for Keeps in Stocks & Futures: Three Top Trading Strategies That Consistently Beat the Markets


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Playing for Keeps in Stocks and Futures offers traders three winning strategies for trading stocks and futures under any market condition and within any timeframe-from one minute to one month. Tom Bierovic details his newly developed trading strategies-First Prize, R2D2, and Triple Play-and shows you how to integrate them with various technical indicators and analytical techniques to create low-risk, high-reward trading opportunities. Bierovic clearly explains the development of each system, lists the rules, and provides real-world examples from a wide variety of stocks and futures in several timeframes to illustrate how and why each strategy works so well. With these lessons, you’ll quickly learn how to use Bierovic’s original strategies to enter, manage, and exit your trades profitably.

This complete guide to stock and futures trading opens with a brief introduction to price swings, impulse waves, corrective waves, and critical points and explains how the extreme and continuous variation in the duration and magnitude of price swings makes it possible for traders to speculate profitably. It also reveals the three components of a complete trading strategy-setups, entries, and exits-and how you should use them when trading with First Prize, R2D2, or Triple Play. Before entering into an in-depth discussion of these three winning trading strategies, Playing for Keeps in Stocks and Futures explains the tools used in them including: breakouts to new highs and lows, directional movement index spread (DMI spread), exponential moving averages (EMAs), Fibonacci retracement zones, Japanese candlestick charts, moving average convergence-divergence (MACD), parabolic stops, trendlines, true range and average true range (ATR).

In explaining his three new trading strategies-First Prize, R2D2, and Triple Play-Bierovic breaks down each strategy into its setup, entry, and exit components and illustrates how to implement each strategy through charts, graphs, and vivid examples from both the stock and futures markets. Most importantly, you’ll learn the unique qualities of each strategy and understand how the three strategies taken together can profit in any market conditions.(First Prize trades first pullbacks; R2D2 trades subsequent pullbacks; Triple Play trades trend reversals.)Take advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered to you by trading with First Prize, R2D2, and Triple Play. With these three strategies in your trading arsenal, you too will soon be playing for keeps in stocks and futures.