Profit with the Market Profile: Identifying Market Value in Real Time


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Are you ready to transform your trading technique?
Now you can do away with lagging and confusing indicators piled on charts, and use the Market Profile to sharpen traditional technical analysis methods such as support and resistance, chart patterns, and trend lines.
Developed in the 1980s by finance experts at the Chicago Board of Trade, the Market Profile has become one of the most powerful analytical tools for traders, investors, and market analysts. And now, THE POWER OF THE MARKET PROFILE CAN BE YOURS.
Market value is the core concept behind any trade; and the core of any trader’s decision is based on the perception of value. In his brand-new book, Dr. John Keppler, seasoned business professor and the founder of, reveals how the Market Profile makes it possible to identify and track market value in real time, in every time frame.
From the basics of the key elements of a Profile chart to insightful discussion of market auction theory, Profit with the Market Profile will guide traders through a new understanding of the market that will allow them to:
– identify the most profitable trade opportunities as they happen, 
- make more informed, confident trading decisions with increased accuracy,
- develop Profile-based trading strategies and improve trade planning to reduce losses, 
- secure better entries and exits, and implement more effective targets and stops.
See with clarity what is happening at the present moment in stocks, ETFs, futures, commodities, bonds, and currencies. Test your understanding and knowledge with interactive self-tests.
PLUS, you will get the very first look at the Keppler Volume Tracking Indicator (KVT), based on Dr. Keppler’s extensive research studies on volume patterns and volume variations on a variety of instruments. Using a proprietary formula, KVT looks at the current traded volume at every price and highlights trading volume considered to be above the usual or average levels, allowing traders to identify trends and determine the level of conviction in order to capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves in the market.