Technician’s guide to day trading


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Technicians Guide to Day Trading, a book/CD tutorial, starts with an in-depth coverage of basic topics including support and resistance, peak and trough analysis, price patterns, gaps and moving averages. It later moves on to cover less widely understood concepts such as one and two day price reversals, momentum, and the integration of momentum and trend analysis. Pring also demonstrates the ins and outs of Bollinger Bands and the Parabolic Indicator. A complete chapter is dedicated to street-smart tips used by professional day traders.
Concepts, such as, how to use leading stocks to forecast Intraday activity, what to expect after the opening range, how to anticipate market moving events, and how and where to place stops, are the kind of subjects normally reserved for the pros. Pring has broken these down in easy-to-understand language.
Prings law states that trading success is inversely related to emotional stimulation. The final lessons of this tutorial help traders better master their emotions by using down to earth practical marketplace examples.
For the first time ever, this CD shows you how to adapt Prings popular KST Indicator to real-time data. These formulas are available to copy and paste into your MetaStock Professional charting software.
Finally, Technicians Guide to Day Trading comes complete with an interactive quiz, an excellent way to strengthen newly learned skills. Once you have taken the quiz, the program stores your results and you can easily follow your progress.
An index enables you to quickly isolate any of the subject matter. A quick click on the topic of your choice and the lesson is immediately played.
Technicians Guide to Day Trading is the ideal resource to perfect your trading skills. Give yourself an edge in your success in the pursuit of more profits and sound sleep.