The Answers: The Trading Advisor


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What is the one thing that is worth far more than money? It’s the unique and powerful knowledge that only a few traders possess that have allowed them to accumulate incalculable success. What if you could get the answers, directly from top traders, to your most important trading questions?
Now, in The Answers, you get direct and invaluable answers to some of the most essential trading questions ever asked — from real traders in real trading situations. Trading giants such as Kevin Haggerty, Gary Kaltbaum, Jeff Cooper, Dave Landry, and others, fully explore and give in-depth answers using the powerful knowledge that has kept them successful. In this dynamic new trading manual, you will learn: how to use Futures to gauge the strength or weakness of stocks, what the telltale signs of a major trend change are, how to distinguish between a minor pullback within a powerful trend and a major change in the trend, the best way to profit from false breakouts, and much, much more. In this extraordinary collection of Q&A’s, you will benefit, first hand, from the strategies and techniques these traders have used over the years for their continued success in an ever changing marketplace.
This book is a must read for every trader who wants to be successful!