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Electronic Trading ‘TNT’ II – How-to- Win Trading Stuff. This utterly unique trading manual teaches the electronic trader how to deal with the psychological hang-ups that cause traders to lose in the markets. As you read through it, you will find a description of yourself. Hopefully, you will be able to laugh with the authors as they take you apart at the seams, expose all your weaknesses, and then put you back together as an explosive and profitable trader. You learn about the realities and truth of actual trading and how to become a true winner in the markets. You learn clever ways to manage your trading so that you extract profits from it on a regular basis – a skilled craftsman happily trading for much more than just a living. You learn how to plan your trades, and plan your trading business. You learn how to set goals and trade with objectives. You learn to control your emotions. Revealed in this manual is a marvelous way to control your trading so that you are trading only when you have the highest and best probability of winning. There is a time when you should not trade and you will learn the secret of how to know exactly when that is. Staying out of the market at the appropriate time will absolutely minimize any chance of losing and greatly increase the trading time you spend actually winning in the market. This manual has won the highest praises from experienced professional traders around the world. 284 pages of explosive information that no trader can afford to be without. Contains secrets that no stock trader has seen before. Illustrations of all pertinent features.