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Electronic Trading ‘TNT’ III – Technical Trading Stuff. This fantastic manual builds on the concepts learned in parts I and II of Electronic Trading ‘TNT.’ You learn how to blend technical indicators together with chart patterns into a dynamic trading methodology that will place your trading well above that of other traders in the market. You learn how to discover a trend in its infancy, before anyone else knows it’s there. You also learn how to know before everyone else when a market has stopped trending and is moving into congestion. You learn the right way to use technical indicators and then learn to trade them with the “Ross Hook” one of the most profitable chart patterns ever discovered. You will learn about “Reverse Ross Hooks” and how to trade them and filter them using technical indicators in unique ways that will set your trading above and apart from other traders. You are taught to filter trades so that you place the probability of winning greatly in your favor. Throughout the manual, all the techniques taught are thoroughly demonstrated with charts so that you can see exactly how to trade each and every concept. This manual is perfect for the technically oriented day trader or position trader, and professional traders around the world have developed winning trading systems based on the information contained within its pages. Over 350 pages that will blow you away. Heavily illustrated.