When supertraders meet kryptonite


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A trader decides at the last minute that he can wait until Monday to liquidate his huge grain position. Torrential rains follow—the decision costs him two million dollars.
A company head conducts business in Europe, unaware that back home, an underling has gone crazy with his money in the bond pit. The official’s loss–$1.25 million.
Three traders in different parts of the country get blindsided in the same stock takeover. They all lose despite the fact that one of them is positioned opposite the other two.
When Supertraders Meet Kryptonite recounts it all–the ups, the downs–the rebounds. Learning from the losses of others is, perhaps, the most instructive learning experience. Until this book, there was no work dealing exclusively with losses and how to cope with them.
Thirty-five brave, forthright and articulate traders address this subject head on. The result is a must-read for anyone who has ever put on a position and wondered, “My God, what do I do now?”